What would make a Millenial's ideal home?

We asked one …


There’s been little good news for Millennials in the property market of late, with prices rising beyond most pockets while rents can now take up as much as two thirds of the income of most in their 20s.


Although some can fall back on the Bank of Mum and Dad – now one of the biggest lenders in the UK – it’s not an option for everyone and, as a result, many families are finding themselves still sharing a home together when, even a decade ago, older offspring would have flown the nest.


So, more than ever, affordable family homes large enough to accommodate four or more people are in increasing demand – so, if you’re looking for a bigger home to accommodate one or more young adult, what should you be looking for?


We thought the best thing to do would be to ask a Millennial so here’s what 18-year-old Emma – who was born in the first week of the new Millennium – said she would be looking for in a house which was likely to be her home until she was able to strike out on her own:




“Well, first things first – there’d be certain things I’d like the area the house is in to have. For example, being in an area where other people my age live would be important, because if I couldn’t make friends I can go out with, I’d go mad. Being able to have a social life is important for anyone really.


“Having stuff to do with friends is another big thing so being in or near a town with plenty of shops and restaurants and cafes would be good – clothes shops, game shops, McDonald’s, Costa, that sort of thing – or bars, too, for people over 18.


“I spent a lot of weekends just wandering around shops and sitting in cafes with my friends, and once we were all 18, we liked to go out for drinks every other week or to celebrate something. One of my friends lived in the countryside and it was always a faff for her to try to get into town so, for me, having things nearby would be better.


“Having said that, I wouldn’t want to live on a really busy street because lots of traffic could keep me awake. Sleep is important! I don’t want to sound like a typical teen, but I do like to sleep quite late at the weekends so lots of noise from outside could be a problem. If I’m completely honest, it could be the same if the neighbours had young children … I don’t really fancy being woken up by them playing noisy games in the garden!


“Having public transport close by would be good though as, with car insurance being so expensive these days, not everyone my age can drive. Parents don’t want to be your taxi service all the time, so having a bus stop or a train station within easy reach would be good.


“And, of course, there’s Wi-fi! Wi-Fi is important. In fact, high-speed internet is one of the main things I’d want a house to have. Netflix, YouTube, and a few social media apps are how I spend a lot of my free time at home and you need a good connection for all of that. In fact, for people my age, it’s more desirable than a TV as you can stream stuff on your phone or your tablet these days. I don’t think I’ve watched a TV channel for years.


“Another thing I see as important is my own space. Whether it’s a bedroom big enough to chill in without feeling claustrophobic or whether it’s a separate room with a few beanbags and a coffee table, it’s nice for us young’uns to have our own area where we won’t be in the way or frequently disturbed. It’s a bit like a safe place I guess – no matter how bad your day went, you’ve got that bit of space that’s yours to go back to where no one will bother you.


“I think I speak for most when I say I’d prefer to have a double bed so making sure there’s enough room for one would be great. The same goes for wardrobe space; like so many others may age, I have so many clothes so, if the house had built-in wardrobes, it would be even better as there would be more room. Having walls that can handle heavy shelving would also be a plus; decorating with bric-a-brac is nice and helps to make a room feel more lived in, but it would also be useful for anyone still at college or university. It would give them a place to store books and files rather than having them cluttering up the floor or the bottom of the wardrobe.


“In an ideal world, the last thing I’d like would be my own en suite bathroom. Nothing fancy, just a small one with a shower would do, but having a separate bathroom makes everyone’s lives a bit easier. It would mean I could take as long as I wanted in the shower and I wouldn’t be squeezing in with my mum to look in the mirror when we’re trying to do our hair or makeup!”


We’re sure Emma’s opinions will strike a chord with many but, if there’s anything else you think we might be able to guide you on, why not have a browse through our earlier blogs, give us a call or drop us a line? We’d love to assist if we can.

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