A recent incident got us talking in the office today about the things which can go wrong AFTER moving house.

Fortunately, the hiccup which started the conversation was a short-lived one and easily resolved – but it’s not always the case and, sometimes, there can be some considerable expense or embarrassment involved.

So, in the hope others’ experiences shared could mean fewer are repeated, we thought we run through the top five stories related by the team.

Read on if you think they might help:

The Driving Licence

Most of us will be aware it’s illegal to drive a car if your licence doesn’t include your current address. It’s easy to put off when there are so many other things to attend to when your moving house but it’s also easy to forget afterwards – at least until you need it.

Did you know security checks run by UK car hire firms these days match your driving licence against the electoral roll? If the check fails, they may not release the vehicle. If your start point isn’t far from home, it may not be a big issue but, if you’re at an airport miles away, you may find yourself stuck – and regretting your oversight.

It can also be a little difficult to explain to a police officer who pulled you over for a minor offence. If they were about to let you go with a warning about the defective headlight they may be less inclined to also overlook the fact you moved without notifying the DVLA six months ago.

The Telly Doesn’t Work

You might have had your TV for years and it may have caused you few problems – but do you still have the instructions? Sometimes, when you’ve switched it off and disconnected it from the Sky Box and games console, and then moved house, it can steadfastly refuse to work properly at your new home.

There’s probably nothing wrong with it; it may well be that you have the wrong cable in the wrong SCART socket. A quick read of the instructions will often be enough to resolve it but, if you haven’t got them, a quick bit of colour-coding could be a good plan.

The Broadband Switch

By far the most common issue, despite seeming to be pretty simple. Have you checked your current provider can provide you with the same service at your new address? Have you made sure they understand that you’re not terminating your contract, simply switching it to a new home?

It may seem obvious but it really is best to be sure. You don’t want any additional hassle when you’re probably going to be exhausted by the stress of moving anyway.

Water and Power

Both are so important when you’re moving as among the things you’ll want the most after a stressful day moving in are a shower and a cup of tea. But what if the previous owner switched off the stop cock but you don’t know where it is? Equally, they may have switched the power off at the fuse box which might be equally difficult to find.

Before you move in, try to make sure you’re aware of where both are located. It could save you a wasted hour when you already tired.

The Mysterious Key

Quite often, when you’re handed the keys to your new place, you’ll quickly work out which one is for the front door, the back door and the garage. Quite often though, there’s another one and, even after a few days in your new home, you have no idea what it does. You’ll keep it on the keyring for a month or so but, over time, it’s easy to conclude you don’t need it so you’ll remove it from the keyring, put it in a drawer and forget all about it.

However, perhaps months or even years later, it’ll turn out to be the key to something vital … The fuse cupboard perhaps, or perhaps the cupboard for your electricity meter.

If you get a “mystery” key, try to establish what it’s for, label it if you don’t want to carry it and then leave it hanging somewhere near the lock it’s supposed to open.

Hopefully any or all of the above will help at least some sidestep the annoying little niggles which can make the final stages of a move more fraught – but let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

If you’re moving, perhaps we can start you off with a no-obligation valuation on your property. Just drop us a line or give us a call and we’d be delighted to assist if we can.


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