Old or new – Which is the best when buying property?

One thing you won’t be short of when you announce you’re considering buying property is advice. Whether it’s directly from friends and family or indirectly from the internet, there’s so much information out there, sometimes it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. Just as everyone has their own favourite conveyancing…

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“But Mum … we don’t want to move!” It must be one of the sentences parents dread when it comes to moving to a new home but, if you’ve lived in the same house pretty much all your children’s lives then, to them, the prospect of such fundamental change is…

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House blocking

If you’d worked hard all your life and earned the right to enjoy your retirement in a comfortable four-bedroom home with sprawling gardens, surely it would be pretty tough to have a couple of normally reputable organisations suddenly accuse you of “house-blocking”. How could they possibly know why you’ve chosen…

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A guide to gardens

When it comes to buying property, one of the first things which will go on the majority of wish lists is a garden. We love our gardens in the UK. Despite the weather, we tend to spend a lot of time in them – and often quite a lot of…

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Land of confusion

  It’s pretty tough to gauge which way the property market is swinging, even for those who watch it avidly. A lot of estate agents will tell you how that’s why they’re worth the thousands of pounds they charge in fees – and there’s no denying a little advice or…

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Selling and the sexes

In the PC society we live in today, it’s not always wise to point out the differences between men and women. Nevertheless, it’s hard to deny that there are instances when they’re noticeable and we’ve found selling property is sometimes one of them. It’s not always the case, admittedly; there…

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Buying or selling a room with a view

Everybody loves a good view – there’s no question about that – so it’s no wonder properties with beautiful ones are so sought-after. Unfortunately, that often means they come at a price, and some pretty hefty ones at that. For example, it’s not unheard of for a property overlooking a…

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Understanding the full cost of moving house

There are many costs that come with moving house that people underestimate or forget to factor into their moving house budget, resulting in a surprise bill at the end. From saving for the house deposit to conveyancing and surveying fees, there will be many important costs to consider when moving…

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