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How to prepare for viewings

It’s easy to use the esale online estate agent services. So, you’ve checked the approximate value of your home, picked an estate agent and now you’ve had the call saying someone would like to come and have a look around your home. Your first viewing is always exciting but – no matter how much time you’ve spent getting ready – it’s perfectly normal to feel a little apprehensive about showing off your home to strangers.

You’ve probably done a bit of decorating, given the kids’ strict instructions not to make a mess, cleaned in every cupboard, tidied up the garage and made sure all the books, DVDS and CDs are in some sort of order on the shelves. So why do you feel there’s something you’ve forgotten?

The truth is you probably haven’t but, just to help put your mind at rest, here are a few suggestions:

1/ You’ve probably heard about the smell of fresh coffee or baking bread.? We’d suggest you don’t bother. It’s become such a cliche, you risk alienating savvy buyers who may be a little offended you think them that gullible – or perhaps that you’re hiding something. A spray of some air freshener or a bit of dusting just before they arrive is probably enough.

2/ Try to arrange for the kids to be out for the viewing. Do you have family or friends who can take them off your hands for an hour? Your buyers will want to see themselves in your home and, if the kids are playing in or watching TV, it can feel as though they’re intruding.

3/ If you’re not sure you’ve de-cluttered enough, a handy technique is to take pictures of all the rooms and look at them as dispassionately as you can. Look for the things which are personal to your family – pictures, trophies, ornaments, models the kids made at school – and try to put them somewhere out of sight for now.

4/ Be aware buyers can take you off-guard by suddenly asking to look in the loft, the airing cupboard or behind the sofa. Have the loft ladders handy so you don’t have to leave them alone while you fetch them, make sure cupboard contents are tidy and don’t rely on “hidden” bits of the house escaping inspection. If you’re prepared, it’s easier to appear serene.

5/ Try to stay on top of the laundry and washing-up so neither is on display when the viewing takes place. A line of washing or plates or pots and pans on the draining board are personal items which make it harder for a buyer to visualise themselves living in your house.

6/ Make sure you’re ready half an hour before the viewing is due to take place – particularly if it’s unaccompanied. Potential buyers can be so keen to see somewhere they may one day call home that they can arrive early – and, it’s not a good plan to still be brandishing the vacuum cleaner or to appear flustered when they ring the doorbell.

7/ If you’re going to be doing the viewing alone, why not ask some friends to help with a dummy run? They might be able to give you an objective view about your best selling points – and how you came across. Remember, we tend to buy from people we like or trust so how you come across can be important. If you’re planning to do the viewing with a partner, try to agree who does what in advance. If you’re constantly talking over each other or contradicting each other, it can confuse the buyer.

Remember, whatever you’re about to do, if you tell yourself you’re going to enjoy it, it can help put you in the right frame of mind. Smile and be ready with a warm welcome – and you could be exchanging contracts before you know it!

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