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ESale Home Selling Tips : No 8. Virtual Tours

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Never before have we been so accustomed to the benefits of technology; after all, it is technology that has ultimately stopped us all from going just a little bit (for lack of a better word) CRACKERS over the past few months and enabled us to see and communicate with our friends and family on a regular basis.
With Covid cases on the rise and the new tiered restriction system slapping up barriers across the UK, there is no doubt that for those whose property is already on the market, or those who are thinking about selling their property – this is a very unpredictable time.
Why Virtual Viewings are an Important and Never More Relevant Use of Technology in Property Sales
With all the uncertainty surrounding tiered restrictions and local lockdowns, comes lack of clarity as to whether or not physical house viewings will be able to continue, leaving those who are trying to sell their property stuck between a rock and a hard standing.
Fortunately, and thanks to some clever technology, there is a way for buyers to view a property, moving from room to room as though they were actually there, without even stepping foot through their own front door…VIRTUAL TOURS!
Although we appreciate that viewing a property virtually will never be the same as being physically present, they can, in conjunction with a floor plan, still provide a realistic sense of space and layout and therefore prove to be a very valuable tool when trying to sell your property.
Sure, we don’t expect everyone to make an offer based on a virtual tour alone, but they can certainly lessen the bracket of people entering a property unnecessarily as they narrow down for some people, properties that aren’t going to be appropriate, whilst at the same time clarify for many… properties that will.
Virtual Tours and Investment
In addition, virtual viewings can be particularly beneficial to those selling to the investment market, as typically investors do not need to experience the ‘emotional reaction’ only gained by physically walking around a property with a view to making it their next family home, but instead only need to be certain that the property fundamentals and price meet their criteria for a buy to let investment.
How to Get an ESale Virtual Property Tour
ESale offer Virtual Tours as part of their sales package, these are created during a site visit in which the photographer (in full compliance with current Covid regulations) takes detailed 360° tour
images of the property, which are quickly processed into a full virtual tour, a link to which is featured in the property advert!
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