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Imagine if you can, that you are interested in buying a property.

You have flicked through the property images numerous times, love the look of the floor plan, location and nearby schools… the only thing left to do is view the property itself.

You’ve made an appointment (that you have miraculously managed to squeeze in on your lunch break) and on stepping out your car, can’t help but smile at the well turned out children playing (not too loudly) on their bikes on the adjoining street. Meanwhile a host of friendly neighbours wave and chat as they admire each other’s impeccably neat front lawns.

You walk up the path adjoining the property’s own impeccably neat lawn and knock on the door, all the while trying to suss out where the nearby dog walking routes are, mentally placing your furniture inside the house and eagerly waiting to be greeted in by its warm and welcoming vendors.

Finally, the door opens and you step inside, but wait… WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SMELL?

Believe it or not, smells can make or break a property viewing.

Much like our sense of sight, sound, touch and taste… smell is hugely prominent to our perception of whether we like something or not. We do not eat things we do not like the taste of, we don’t wear things we do not like the feel of, we do not listen to music that we don’t like the sound of, nor do we decorate our homes with things we do not like the look of… so why on earth would we buy a property that we do not like the smell of?

Smells around the home can vary; here are just some examples of our ‘smelliest’ feedback…
. Damp
. Pets
. Cooking
. Foisty
. Drains
. General teenage bedroom aroma

Other than damp (which requires intervention to resolve), most smells can be dealt with easily and efficiently.

Here’s how…
Drainage – Check your toilets are clear and pipe work is not blocked to avoid blocked drains and therefore bad smells.

Only smoke outside – Smoking inside or standing in the doorway to smoke, (even a tiny amount) will eventually lead to trapped smells that you won’t necessarily notice, but buyers will!
Vacuum and Clean – Hoover and clean regularly to eliminate pet hair, therefore reducing pet smells. Equally, steam cleaning furniture and not allowing pets to sit on it, will lessen developing smells.

Flowers – Place sweet smelling flowers such as lilies and roses around the property. Even flowers that do not give off a strong smell can play a part; buyers can imagine smells and tastes – much like looking at a picture of your favourite meal.

Decontaminate teenagers

And finally, use reed diffusers, scented candles and wax melts to fill your home with delicious, welcoming and appealing smells that will keep buyers engaged and ensure a positive experience and perception of your home. They don’t call it aromatherapy for nothing!

If you live in the Harrogate area, L&N Candles offer a wonderful assortment of wax melts, diffusers and candles that are bound to ensure that buyers perceive your home to smell every bit as good as it looks. The Esale team LOVE these as the scents last a long time – plus, L&N also offer wax melt tin refills for just £3!

These guys are pretty local to our Harrogate office so if you’re interested in getting your hands on some of their amazing products, then visit their facebook page or website.