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Keeping it Neutral!

It’s a fact of life that some of us have a little more ‘vision’ than others when it comes to imagining how our future home will look, this has never been more relevant than when buying and selling properties.

Why it is important to keep decor neutral

Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a splash of colour or eclectically wallpapered feature wall here or there, too much ‘individual taste’ throughout your home can present a problem when trying to sell your property.
Why?… Because for many, it can be a struggle to visualise how the property would look when they have had chance to change the cosmetic layout to meet their individual taste, and therefore be off putting.

How to keep it neutral and attract more buyers

Let’s face it, no one wants to be greeted by a hallway that looks like the entrance to Eureka, or walk into a living room that looks like it could double as a 60’s themed nightclub in the evenings.

It is important to remember when listing your property, that although YOU quite rightly love your bright yellow bedroom… others may not!
Yes – it is very easy for a buyer to simply paint a room that is not to their taste when moving into the property, but not all buyers are willing to.
Equally, some find it hard to imagine how the room would look painted a more neutral colour, and therefore opt for a home that when it comes to cosmetics… they feel is in ‘walk in condition’.

Things you can do to keep it neutral

Opt for neutral and universally pleasing wall colours such as white, off-white and magnolia (remembering that using these tones can also improve light within a room).

If you can, try to keep carpets and flooring as neutral and universal as possible.
Wood effect or grey laminates and vinyls are an affordable and easy option, alongside cream or grey coloured carpets and floor tiles.
Try to avoid installing highly patterned carpets and keep flooring as plain as possible, remember, you can jazz up any floor with a rug which is easily laid and removable, still allowing you to display your own taste, but in a non-permanent fashion.

If you can, avoid heavy net curtains.
Although they appear sheer, many nets actually block out more light than you would think and can make a room appear ‘dingy’.


Yea, we get it, kids love a good sticker, but buyers aren’t so keen on seeing stickers plastered across the doors, walls and fitted wardrobes as they walk round your property.
Where possible, encourage little ones to keep sporadic ‘stickering’ to a sticker book or piece of paper and not on the walls and fitted furniture. Stickers can be a nightmare to remove and for this reason, seeing them can be hugely off-putting to buyers!

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