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Clearing the clutter

We all have our own idea of what constitutes a dream kitchen, beautiful bathroom, perfect wall colour or ideal childproof flooring.

It’s having these different tastes that make our homes unique, no home is exactly the same and that’s the beauty of it.

Some of us are minimalists, some of us are collectors, some of us love a good feature cushion, and some of us couldn’t care less whether the cushion matches the ornament on the second shelf down on the other side of the room.

A home is a home and they’re all different but, when selling your property why is it important to consider how other people perceive your home?
The answer is, because they’re the ones who need to visualise themselves living in it!

We’ve been asked from time to time “Should I change the kitchen?”, “Do I need to redo the floor or the garden” and the answer (in most cases) is most definitely NO!

When buying a property many of us are keen to put our own stamp on our new home, so when selling a property, rushing to install a brand new kitchen when actually the kitchen you already have is perfectly good, can often be a unnecessary investment, especially when it is quite possible that the buyers of your property would quickly choose to adjust it to meet their individual taste anyway.

There are however things that you CAN do to increase the saleability of your home, and one of these is DECLUTTER.
Here’s why…

You’re a ‘Space Maximising Magician’

Did you know that the more objects you have in a room – the smaller the room can look?
You can really utilise the space in your home by de-cluttering…

Although a little bit of cheerful clutter never hurt anyone, too much clutter can really hinder a sale, as it closes in space and is distracting to buyers.
Maximise the space you have by keeping knick-knacks to a minimum and while you’re at it, why not look at the layout of your furniture; is there a way you can rearrange it to maximise wall and floor space?
Thinking of yourself as a ‘Space Maximising Magician’ really helps.

Keep it Clean and Tidy

During a viewing take it from us, no one wants to stand on a piece of lego or be confronted by a used teabag on the kitchen worksurface as they walk around.
We are most certainly not suggesting that your property stay in ‘show home’ condition – that’s not realistic, especially when you’re working full time.
But we do suggest running a hoover over the carpets and popping the kids toys away before your viewing.
Keeping your home clean and tidy helps potential buyers imagine themselves there, and also seeing how proud you are of your home adds to the appeal.. if you’re proud to live there then it must be worth buying!

Uncover Any Issues

De-cluttering your home is a great way to pick up on potential problems that you didn’t realise were there.
You could uncover any number of niggles, such as loose electric sockets or floorboards. Easy fixes that if not addressed could hinder your sale if they’re spotted by a buyer, therefore, de-cluttering helps you ensure that everything is ship shape and in working order.

Sort it Out!

There’s no need to wait until you get into your new property before you sort through items – why not do it before you move?
Moving home is stressful enough without finding 10 year old boxes of random rubbish that you forgot were lurking in the office.
Clear them out while you can, maximise space and make your home more appealing.


Whereas before, clutter may have hindered your ability and freedom to decorate, removing the clutter presents the perfect opportunity to give your home a lick of paint.
Mucky fingerprints, scratches and scuffs can be picked up quickly by those viewing your property and can confirm the idea that ‘work’ will need to be done straight away, which for a family of four with busy work and school schedules, can feel like one job too many and in turn be off putting.
Giving your walls a lick of paint can freshen up a room no end and help towards a successful sale.

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