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Selling and the sexes

In the PC society we live in today, it’s not always wise to point out the differences between men and women.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to deny that there are instances when they’re noticeable and we’ve found selling property is sometimes one of them.

It’s not always the case, admittedly; there are times when couples don’t fit the stereotypes and the expected questions don’t come from the direction you might expect. As a result, we tend to urge our team to keep an open mind when conducting viewings or speaking to prospective buyers.

But, after consulting both the ladies and gents in the office, we thought we’d share some generalised and (probably) unscientific observations on what men and women tend to be looking for when it comes to acquiring a property.

The Neighbourhood

Women: “Is it safe? Is there a lot of recorded crime in this area? Will my children be able to play in the street without us worrying too much about traffic or them coming to harm? Are there some good schools in the area?”

Men: “Where’s the nearest gym, pub, shop?”


Women: “Are the people next door friendly? Are they happy to chat or lend us anything we might need? Would we be able to ask them for advice or for recommendations?

Men: “Do they make a lot of noise?”


Women: “Will I have to go far to meet my friends? Are my family still within easy reach? Will the grandparents be able to visit and stay in comfort?”

Men: “How far will I have to commute to work?”


Women: “Are the rooms bright and airy? Are we going to have to do a lot of work to brighten the place up and make it feel fresh?”

Men: “Is there room for a big, squishy leather sofa and a huge TV?”


Women: “Are they large and comfortable? Is there room for a bed, a dressing table? Is there some integral storage or will wardrobes take up a lot of the room?”

Men: * Still thinking about the living room, the big squishy leather sofa and the huge TV *

The Kitchen

Women: “I need lots of space to be creative when it’s my turn to cook. I need preparation areas, lots of storage for appliances, cooking implements, cutlery and crockery; I need an oven, grill and hob I can trust to work properly, space for recipe books and lots of power points.”

Men: “Show me the gadgets.”

The Garden

Women: “I would love to have somewhere to relax with a drink where I’m not overlooked; where I can read a book in peace and quiet or perhaps entertain friends on warmer summer nights.”

Men: “Is there an in-built barbecue anywhere?”

The Garage:

Women: “It would be nice to have somewhere to leave the car. It would help bring down the insurance premiums.”

Men: “Does it have lights and power points? I need somewhere to store my tools and to use as a workshop. An electric door would be a bonus of course and does it have integral storage or would I have to install shelving and some wall units myself? What about heating? Does it have any? Whereabouts is the nearest B&Q by the way…?”

So there you have it. There are only our observations of course but, if you need any more advice on selling your home or buying property, feel free to give us a call or drop us a line.

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