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Do you have £5K to burn?


According to a recent article in the Daily Express week, people in the UK have paid a total of £17bn in unexpected fees when moving home over the last two years. Yes … That’s right. A massive £17 BILLION, which equates to around £5,000 per mover.

To be honest, we find the figures shocking. The logistics of moving house can be stressful enough without finding yourself saddled with significant additional cost.

Of course, the problem can be compounded by the value of property these days. When the average house is thought to be worth upwards of £275,000, what’s £5k in the scheme of things?

Actually, we believe it’s still a great deal of money and is much better off in your bank account than a conveyancing solicitor, estate agent, removal firm or whatever. As a result, we try to keep our costs fair and our packages transparent.

Yes. We are considerably cheaper than most traditional high street estate agents who, these days, typically charge in the region of 1.5% of your property’s eventual selling price on completion. You can find out more about our fees here: https://esaleuk.com/ordernow/

But, contrary to what some may tell you, there are plenty of online agents who are not just about low cost but also offer high-quality customer service – and we try every day to make sure we’re among them.

Any decent business knows it will thrive on third party recommendations. If all we were was “cheap” then it’s likely the only property we’d be selling would be at the low end of the market.

Yes, we have some homes on our portfolio which are being offered for under £130k. However, a quick glance at our list will also show we have taken instruction – and sold – homes worth well in excess of £1,000,000
It matters not to us if you’re the lord of the manor or a first-time buyer in their first job. We reckon you should get the best quality service and advice.

That £5,000 might be what you spend on a weekend away or a year’s groceries. Whatever, we promise to do what we can to make sure it stays in your pocket rather than disappearing on moving costs you weren’t expecting.