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Biggest turn offs for buyers

When buying a home, it’s really important to find the one that you dream about. Unfortunately, when you do go and visit homes, the reality quickly sets in, as there aren’t that many properties that suit your dreams. Some of them have bad smells, stained walls or damp stains, and most people are just unhappy to visit this type of properties, according to a survey that took place on a group of 2000 UK people.

The study even shows that more than 70% of those people that want to buy a house will avoid buying one that has the problems presented above. While the price of a house is very high to begin with, there aren’t that many people that want to invest even more in cleaning, painting or buying new furniture. In addition, there are also many buyers that want a garden when buying a new house, because they need a place to relax and relieve the stress.

Another huge turn-off for house buyers is surely any type of smell. Be it animal smell, food, cigarette or any other, visiting or even buying such a house is surely not something that most UK people want. A lot of things have changed in the last century, and now people want houses that are clean and healthy, not something that will prove to be dangerous to their health.

What’s more, another turn-off is surely the lack of a parking space. After all, people want a comfortable home and let’s face it, just about anyone nowadays has the need to travel great distances, be it for work or personal purposes. In this case, having a place where you can park your car is very necessary, and it is something that people to take into account when they make a decision about buying a new house.

Other people do have lots of concerns regarding the size of the rooms, and many of them stay away from small rooms. The tendency is to go into large rooms that also have lots of light. The position of the house is also essential, and people to take it into account as well when deciding to make a purchase.

The most important aspect when visiting a house with the purpose of buying it is surely its aspect. There are houses that have pebbles or even stones falling from their walls, which will surely turn off the customer in need for a top notch house.

Customers need to be aware that online real estate agents provide various filters that narrow the house list quite a bit, providing you with the means of finding a better house a lot faster. On top of that, you’ll have less bad houses to visit and more time to enjoy visiting the houses that suit your needs. So visiting this type of websites is surely recommended for anyone that wants to buy a house.