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Our survey said…

Although we might quite like them to – particularly if the results are in our favour – the findings of a single survey cannot always be seen as confirmation of fact.

The results of some recent research by a firm of national high street estate agents is a case in point.

They commissioned a study into how people prefer to deal with estate agents and, guess what it found? The results showed that the majority of people buying and selling property prefer to deal with high street estate agents face-to-face rather than online or over the phone. (https://www.propertywire.com/news/uk/people-still-like-meet-estate-agents-face-face-uk-survey-suggests/)

The Truth Of The Matter

But before we take that as gospel, an indication of sample size would be interesting. After all, if you only survey 100 people, their views are not necessarily going to be so representative of the majority view.

Professional companies such as MORI for example reckon a minimum of several thousand opinions are required and that they must cover a decent cross-section of society, including not just the different sexes but the different age groups, cultures and other varying social demographics.

The estate agent’s report also seems to suggest most of those surveyed in the report were already their customers, which is hardly a moot point.

But even setting that aside, we also need to bear in mind that what people say they want is not necessarily what they do.

Take the high street as one example. Many of us would say we prefer to use independent shops and cafes as opposed to the big chains but, in the end, it’s often price and convenience that win. Many folk who live in villages may tell you they mourned the loss of their local shop, pub or post office but may not be able to tell you when they last used it before if disappeared.

The Online Option

Of course, we recognise buying or selling a home is a huge financial transaction and there will be many who find the thought of doing it all online without actually shaking someone’s hand terrifying.

But even the estate agent’s survey indicated there’s evidence that there’s less resistance among the younger generation and that change could be on its way – and estate agents will need to adapt to survive.

High street estate agents can whistle in the dark as much as they like; they can discredit and run down online estate agents and use their considerable influence with the media to project them as “back-room cowboys” with no real industry nous.

But the internet isn’t going anywhere; whether they like it or not, its convenience in the face of the ever-more-frantic pace of life will probably see the online option used for more and more financial transactions in years to come – and that will may well include houses and cars and not just gifts or the weekly shop from Tesco.

As an internet only estate agent, our business model may differ from those you will find on the high street but we have over 40 years’ experience in the industry; we also think our customer reviews speak for themselves: (https://esaleuk.com/recent-reviews/)

But, as ever, the proof of the pudding is in the eating so, if you’d like some good, old-fashioned, no-nonsense advice on selling your home from Yorkshire’s own online estate agent, why not drop us a line or give us a call? As we also offer a no-quibble, money-back guarantee what have you got to lose?

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