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What makes a gadget geek’s ideal home?

Home technology can be a Marmite thing. You will find houses with quite a few gadgets or the complete opposite where pretty much everything is operated by hand.

For some folk it’s just something else which can go wrong and cost money to fix; for others, it’s an exciting feature they struggle not to switch on and off for no other reason than the pleasure of watching it work.

And, of course, it can be the same when it comes to finding a buyer for your property. Sometimes a nifty innovation will be the clincher while, at others, it can prove a bit of a turn-off.

Which one you go for is entirely up to you of course – but did you know you can add some pretty neat – and easily reversible – features to your home for a lot less than, say, a loft conversion, new carpets or even new décor?

So, if you do decide a bit of technical assistance could be what it takes to help get your sale over the line, here are a few ideas which won’t necessarily break the bank:

Doorbell with inbuilt video and speaker: Google seems to be the latest to add a “smart” doorbell to its inventory. The advantage is that it lets you check who is outside before you answer the door in person or even speak to them if necessary via your cell phone. The cost is around the £180 mark.

Smart external security lights: Dimmable, waterproof and controlled by a remote or via an app on your cell phone, some lights can also be programmed to come on at a set time, flash or even change colour. There are sets available to buy for around £50.

Security cameras: Plenty of choice in this area with a range of discreet equipment available from under £100 to over £700. Ideal when combined with security lighting, they offer the owner additional peace of mind when they’re away from home, as they can be equipped with night-vision and triggered by movement sensors with images relayed immediately to your cell phone.

Self-learning thermostat:  New technology allows your heating and hot water system to “learn” when it’s most likely to be required, helping to keep bills down and enhancing a property’s EPC performance. A smart thermostat can be purchased for under £200 but there may be an additional cost if you would like professional help with installation.

Remote dimmers: Dimmer switches are still not standard equipment in most homes but, if you have them, imagine being able to use your cell phone to change the brightness of the lights in a room without even having to get up. The necessary switches can be bought for under £50.

Self-dimming bulbs: Ideal for bedrooms, these bulbs will gradually fade over a period of half an hour or so – roughly the same as a sunset – allowing you time to get ready for bed without having to fumble for the switch when you’re ready to sleep. They cost around £28.

Automated Garage Door with sensor: If you don’t fancy having to get wet when you’re putting the car in the garage out of the rain, automated doors can be a real bonus. However, they’re probably only worth installing if you actually use the garage for its original purpose rather than just for storage. The sensor and lift can be bought for around £180.

Wifi plugs: Useful if they’re already available for those with a penchant for gadgets. They can be purchased for around £35 each.

Hopefully we’ve given you a few pointers but smart home technology is a fast-growing field and it may well be, in time, features like these will be adapted in new homes anyway. But until self-cleaning loos, self-running baths, and showers with built-in lights and music become main stream, the options above may be enough to impress the average gadget geek – and perhaps that little bit extra which makes your home stand out.

If you’d like any more help with selling your home, feel free to give us a call or drop us a line and we’d be delighted to assist if we can.

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