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Are you a property addict?

We all have our everyday interests of course and, for many, it’s sport; golf perhaps, jogging or fishing.

But would you believe browsing property is also something quite a few will admit to when it comes to whiling away the hours – and, for some, it’s close to addiction.

But is that you? Can you resist the pull of the portals or would you confess to trawling them for details of homes you might like – or even having a sneaky peek at homes nearby when a For Sale board goes up?

Answer the questions below as truthfully as you can and you may be a little closer to knowing if you’re a property addict:

1/ Are you buying or selling property? If you’re not but you’re still reading this blog, then you might have a “problem”.

2/ Do you like shows like Grand Designs, reruns of Location, Location, Location or Relocation, Relocation, A Place In The Sun, Homes Under The Hammer, Property Ladder, Escape To The Country?  If more than three of these shows are on your must-watch list, you may have it quite bad.

3/ Many of us will visit a friend or relative and comment on their home – normally complimenting them on an interior design choice or a particular nick-nack on the mantelpiece. However, if you find it a struggle not to suggest refurbishment projects, extensions or conversions, you may have a property problem.

4/ What do you like to do over lunch? Do you browse the web for stuff on your football team, watch amusing videos on YouTube or swot up on the latest from the BBC? If Rightmove or Zoopla are top of your internet browsing list, then that probably tells you quite a bit.

5/ Can you walk past an estate agent’s window on the high street without stopping to browse? If not, then you may wish to consider the possibility of property addiction.

6/ If you still buy a local paper, how much time do you spend reading the news and sport compared with the property section? If you find you know as much as the local estate agents do about what’s available out there, then it’s a sign.

7/ Can you look at a house, an apartment or a bungalow and make a pretty accurate guess about its value based on its condition and its location? If you’re within a thousand or two on most, that kind of knowledge is acquired – and it’s usually the result of the sort of extensive reading not done by the casual observer.

8/ Do you know who Henry Pryor, Russell Quirk, Peter Long, or Graham Norwood are? If they’re familiar names, you’re certainly reading a lot of property news – so what does that tell you?

9/ If you walk past a For Sale board, can you resist the urge to Google the property or hunt for it on Rightmove so you can have a sneaky peek inside? No? Guess what …?

10/ If you score less than five of the above then perhaps you could be described as being an ardent property enthusiast. If you score five or more though we’d very much appreciate you keeping an eye on our website at https://esaleuk.com/

Next time we have a vacancy, perhaps you would like to apply. You’re certainly the sort of person we’d like to speak to …

In the meantime, if you can help us, we’d appreciate a share of this post on your social media channels. We’ve built our blog piece by piece one small share at a time, but another would definitely help spread the message. Please feel free to pass it on.

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