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If you’re selling your home and you have a little capital to spend on some improvements, what would your priority be?

As we’ve indicated in previous blogs, we’d actually advise against investing a hefty sum in something like a new kitchen or bathroom in the hope of getting the money back by inflating your asking price. It’s a risk – and one which, in our experience, doesn’t always pay off.

Decorating the hallway or replacing a front door showing signs of age could be a better bet as they can influence a potential buyer’s first impressions of the property – important when you know just how much they can influence a viewing.

Lofty ideas

But another relatively inexpensive enhancement is in the loft space – and we don’t mean a full conversion.

If the roof-space of your property is currently occupied mostly by bric-a-brac you’ve not quite got round to selling at the local car boot sale yet, you’re by no means in a massive minority.

But, imagine if those boxes were not just surrounded by insulation and spiders’ webs …. What if they were stacked tidily in a space which was both boarded and lit?

In fact, if you add one of those easy-drop loft ladders, imagine just how less daunting a visit to the attic would be.

On its own, it’s probably not going to clinch a sale, especially not in a property where there are just too many other things to put off a prospective buyer.

But – just like electric gates or an automatic garage door – a boarded or partially-converted loft space is one of those touches which might just give you a head start over other homes in the same price bracket.

Get Your Quote

Of course, costs will vary depending on the property and, although we may well be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to selecting a specialist, we would always recommend you get more than one quote from reputable firms working in your area.

But, as improvements go, when it comes to adding value to your home pound-for-pound, it’s certainly worth considering starting at the top.