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A new year often means a new start. For some, that might mean a new job, for others even a new life in a different country.

But, as UK online estate agents, we’re here to help those who have pledged to move to a new house in 2018 – whether they’re buying from one of our clients or selling property of their own.

Moving home is often listed among the top three most stressful things we do in life; it’s not just the size of the transaction, but the many and varied pitfalls which can lie in your path. So, if you’re thinking of selling property in the coming 12 months and would like as smooth a ride as possible, here are five things to avoid:


1/ Having a closed mind on price

Your agent should be able to help with an asking price – something you ought to cross-reference with data you can find on the property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla and with the Land Registry’s website – all of which will give you some idea what similar homes have been priced at and what they’ve actually sold for.

However, be prepared to haggle a little. Few buyers will offer the asking price and all you’re likely to achieve with total intransigence is your house sitting on the market for longer. If you’re not comfortable negotiating, ask your estate agent to take the lead. After all, it’s is part of what their fee is for.

2/ Being greedy

Prices have increased steadily over the past decade but put an unrealistic price tag on your home and you will probably see far fewer potential buyers.

Remember, they have the same tools at their disposal as you do so it’s not hard to work out what a reasonable price is these days. Price realistically, and you are more likely to be on the move quickly.

3 / Being unprepared

We would advise against spending a fortune on refurbishing your home – but that’s not to say you don’t need to prepare it for sale. Sort out those little niggles around the home first so you can conduct a viewing in confidence.

4/ Telling lies

Did you know that, if you deliberately mislead a buyer, then they have the option of taking you to court, where you could face a stiff financial penalty?

It’s true the property market operates on the principle of “buyer beware” but that doesn’t give you licence to fib. If a potential buyer asks a direct question, you need to be honest with your answers.

5/ Forgetting your Plan B

It’s surprising how many folk who are selling property have no idea what they would do if someone makes an offer for their home but they have nowhere to go. A chain could mean the property they’ve set their heart on isn’t going to be empty at the same time that their buyer wants to move and, as a result, they risk having a sale collapse.

Do you have family who can accommodate you temporarily? Is renting an option for a short while? Can you find somewhere to store your furniture for a bit? It’s a good idea to look into it – and the costs – in advance rather than in the midst of a crisis.

Hopefully, all of the above helps but, if you’re thinking of moving and have any further questions, feel free to give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help. Alternatively, why not have a read of some of our earlier blogs? Just click back to the tab at the top of the page to get started…