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Folk will tell you, once the night’s draw in, it’s hard to view a property after 4pm and everyone’s thinking about Christmas anyway so it’s pointless getting your property listed.

One upon a time, that might have been true; there’s also no denying there is an annual surge of new homes going on the market in spring and in sales in September and October as buyers want to see themselves safely ensconced in their new home before Strictly has finished on the telly.

But, as we’ve said many times – and probably will again – the best time to sell your home is when someone wants to buy it and there’s every chance they’re out there waiting in November or January as at any other time of year.

“Only in an idyllic world would everyone move house just when it suited them”

Admittedly, the thought of leaving a warm home to view properties is less appealing in the winter but then people have all sorts of reasons for looking. Only in an idyllic world would everyone move house just when it suited them.

Not only that but modern technology has made it easier to research property in advance from the comfort of your own armchair. A savvy buyer will already know quite a bit about your home before they ring your doorbell; they will have been able to see images on the portals, research the street on Google and even have used the Land Registry website to see what homes are selling for in your area.

The Christmas Spirit

The viewing is still important of course; nothing beats actually walking round a property to get a feel for the place and for the location – but it’s a tad naïve to suggest that, once we say goodbye to British Summer Time, all buyers go into hibernation.

We’ve sold homes on Christmas Eve and between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day before. Indeed, the festive season even added to the sellers’ excitement as it’s a great time of year to discover that your plans for the following one have just taken a huge leap forward.

So, if you are thinking of selling and you hear any more armchair experts tutting and suggesting you wait for the spring, you might want to suggest they introduce themselves to the 21st century. The property market has moved on and, with more new technology in the pipeline, will probably continue to do so.