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Ten things you’re estate agent probably doesn’t want to hear

Image showing estate agent not listening

So, you’ve decided to sell your house. You’ve spent a little time and money getting it ready for the market, you’ve done your research on what it might be worth and you’ve picked your estate agent. You’ve made the appointment and now you’re waiting in for them to visit to cast a professional eye over your property?

Of course you want the best price for your home and it’s never a good idea to fib about its condition. Remember a professional survey is meant to establish any structural faults with the house and solicitors are employed to ensure a sale is fair and above-board.

But, nevertheless, here’s a top ten list of things which might make an estate agent wince or that they simply don’t need to know. Can you decide which is which?

  • “You can charge your phone over there but be careful with that plug socket … there’s always a little blue flash when you plug something in.”
  • “Our Timmy flooded the bathroom floor when he was playing “waves” once. We had to paint over the ceiling down here with four coats of emulsion to cover the damp patch.”
  • “The neighbours? Ugh… they’re vile people. You wouldn’t believe what we can hear through the wall.”
  • “This room is where our Timmy was conceived.”
  • “We would have planted more flowers but there’s a cat living round here somewhere which uses the big plant pot as a litter; no matter what we’ve tried, we haven’t been able to stop it.”
  • “We love dogs. The people who live two doors up have a huge Rottweiler. He gets out sometimes but he’s completely harmless.”
  • “The neighbours have told us, as soon as we move out, they’re going to plant some leylandii along the boundary in the back garden. That will be nice, won’t it?”
  • “It’s been nice to have children around for Timmy to play with while he was growing up. Most of them are teenagers now though. In fact, you can often hear their music playing in their bedrooms. Some of them have cars now too …”
  • “We’re lucky this is a Neighbourhood Watch area. Mrs Smythe is the co-ordinator and she rules it with a rod of iron. I think she has keys to most of the homes round here actually.”
  • “We had the conservatory built a few years ago. There was a ten-year guarantee on it but the company went bust.”

Suddenly, being an estate agent might not seem so easy … !

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